How to serve

Caviar spoonIn order to maintain the high quality and delicate flavor of our caviar, there are a few needed steps to follow and respect.

First of all, Avori caviar can be kept in good condition in a fridge for maximum a month. Once opened, it should be finished within a week or the rich flavor will be gone. Please store the roe in the original package inside the fridge, but avoid placing it into the freezer.

Secondly, our finest caviar can only be consumed by using special spoons that will not spoil its taste in any way. We recommend you to use only caviar spoons made of bones, wood, gold or the famous mother of pearl. Otherwise, any common metal utensils could imprint a very unsavory metallic taste onto the mild, exquisite roe.

Thirdly, the large, sparkling pearls must be served along with complimentary dishes on crackers or toasted bread with butter or even potatoes, garnished with crème fraîche, sour cream or minced onion, preferably, in a ceramic bowl, a very cold crystal glass or in the original can surrounded by crushed ice. No embellishments needed – condiments could be added, but it is worth skipping them just to preserve and enjoy the true, original taste of this rare sturgeon roe.

And don’t forget! Make sure to remove it from the fridge at least 15 minutes before serving it and keep it covered until the time of meal.

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