Famous for the rare, wild sturgeons found in the Black Sea basin, Romania represents one of the countries with a very old history in caviar industry, known to have been once the third in line for caviar export after Iran and Russia.lac

Located in the West side of Romania, around a natural lake, our aquaculture farm had as original source for its development the wild sturgeons found in the Danube River: Beluga, Sterlet, Russian and Siberian species. Being on the brink of extinction and protected by law, their fishing was allowed only for breeding material destined to sustainable farming and saving of the species.

Our sturgeon production can be considered 90% wild-like as we have tried recreating their natural conditions needed for survival. The fish is bred in a natural environment without recycled water circuits involved and receive living food.

Premium fish-farm produced Avori Caviar, and especially our Beluga range – a pure example of the amazingly refined pearls also known as the Black Gold, is the result of our strong wish to preserve the natural and beautiful resources of Romanian waters and, at the same time, a way of preventing illegal trade.

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